Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings

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Pearl studs are a classic earring for your jewellery wardrobe.  Perfect to wear with anything. Our Japanese (Akoya) cultured pearl earrings are set with 18kt yellow gold fittings.

Pearls are white with pinkish overtone, clean skins and bright lustre. 

Unlike their freshwater cousins, Akoya pearl oysters rarely produce more than two pearls per harvest. The oysters are nucleated with a bead composed of mother-of-pearl and a small piece of mantle tissue. This bead becomes the nucleus of the pearl and is the reason Akoya pearls are more often perfectly round. This shape, combined with the high-luster found on top-quality Akoya pearls, and their relative rarity compared to freshwater pearls, give Akoya pearls a higher perceived value.