Cleaning Jewellery

Diamonds/Precious stones & Gold

To keep your diamond, precious stone and gold looking its best, wash in warm soapy water and use a toothbrush to get in under settings or between the links. Once washed, buff with a jewellery cloth to enhance sheen. Be careful with extremes in temperature. Some stones, like emerald have enhancements that may dislodge with very hot water.


Pearls are porous and organic. They can be damaged easily by perfume, perspiration, and makeup. It is recommended that pearls contact the skin after application of makeup and perfume. When removing pearl jewellery, wipe with a soft cloth to eliminate any residue. If wearing pearls on a regular basis, it is advisable to have them restrung every 12 months. Imp Jewellery has a rethreading service for pearls and beads.

Sterling Silver

Silver will oxidize over time, particularly if not worn very often. A silver cloth or silver dip and warm soapy water will keep your silver looking bright.


Antique Jewellery

Care must be taken with antique and vintage pieces.  A part of the value lies in the patina they develop after years of wear. Oxidation of metals is part of the look of the piece and you don't want to remove that. You have to be careful with settings and enameling where rigorous cleaning may damage the jewel. We suggest bringing the jewellery in so we can advise the best course of action. 



It is advisable to have your jewellery examined for any wear and tear, at least once a year.

Imp Jewellery offer this service at no charge. Claws and settings can become loose or worn over time, risking the loss of stones.

Imp Jewellery has an in-house workshop, where we can check your jewellery and advise on any work that may be required.