~ Remodelling Jewellery in Toorak, Melbourne ~

At IMP Jewellery we create the majority of our diamond and precious gem-set jewellery on the premises. We also offer jewellery remodelling as an option. You may have an old ring or brooch sitting in a drawer, so why not have it redesigned into a style that you would be happy to wear again?


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Re-conditioning, Remodelling & Repairing Jewellery

Diamonds, due to hardness, will always retain their brilliance, however, coloured gemstones can wear, leaving the stones dull in appearance. As a part of our service, we are able to unset these stones, have them polished like new, and remounted into the existing setting or into a new design. With larger coloured stones it may even be possible to have the stone recut into a slightly different shape to accommodate a whole new look.


We Upgrade or Trade in Jewellery

Alternatively, you may wish to upgrade or trade in jewellery that you are no longer wearing. We often find that clients have numerous items of jewellery lying idle, and given the opportunity, will trade them in on another piece that can be worn all the time. Why not bring them in and put them towards your next jewellery purchase.