Remodel Jewellery, Sell or Trade-In Gold

At Imp Jewellery we create the majority of our diamond and precious gem-set jewellery on the premises. We also offer jewellery remodelling, you may have an old ring or brooch sitting in a drawer, so why not have it redesigned into a style that you would be happy to wear again? Diamonds, due to hardness, will always retain their brilliance, however coloured gemstones can wear leaving the stones dull in appearance. 

As part of our service, we are able to unset these stones, have them polished like new and remounted into the existing setting or a new design. With larger coloured stones it may be to possible to even have the stone cut into a slightly different shape to accommodate a whole new look. 

Now is the opportune time to reap the rewards of the higher gold price and sell your unwanted gold jewellery, diamonds and watches? Gather up currently unworn pieces from your jewellery boxes and  transform them into something new and inspired through the Imp Jewellery remodelling service, or sell the pieces outright.

Alternatively, trade in your unwanted jewellery for one of our pieces you can wear home. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment, or call in from Monday to Saturday.