Dban Jewellery produces timeless and creative pieces using only precious metals, rose and yellow gold combinations with sterling silver.  Made in the heart of NE Victoria, Australia.  Dban was founded by Don Bannister in 1974. Don was a Master Jeweller and a member of the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia.

Don’s traditional  designs are still made to this day by a small team of dedicated technicians and we pride ourselves in continuing his legacy.

Don Bannister had a passionate interest in art and sculpture. He studied Industrial Design at RMIT in Melbourne. Early on in his career he combined rose and yellow gold features to silver, which was unique for the time and which has lead to a popular style we see today. Don always believed jewellery needed to be wearable and functionable and gained a lot of joy out of seeing his pieces 20-30 years later still being worn, by the lucky recipient. He has always been well regarded by his peers for the individual style he created and we are proud to keep this tradition alive.