Victorian Etruscan Rival Brooch P.5541

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This beautiful Victorian 15 karat yellow gold brooch with fine bead work decoration and reverse locket compartment. In very good condition the fine granule and wire work decoration is  meticulously detailed.

Measuring  40.0 x 30.0mm

Etruscan Revival jewelry is tied to the ancient Etruscans, whose civilization flourished on the western coast of Italy from approximately 700 – 300 BC.  Wealthy Etruscans were buried in massive tombs, along with their jewelry and other earthly possessions.  In the 1830's, near Rome, a series of Etruscan tombs were discovered. When opened, the beautiful gold-work found within captured the imagination of the Victorian public.  The distinctive style of Etruscan Revival jewels tends to use simple geometric designs enhanced with patterns made of tiny gold granules, small blossoms, and filigree wire applied with absolute precision.