Onyx Cameo Pendant E.1157

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This beautifully carved onyx cameo depicting the mythical Wyvern is set into a handmade 18 karat white gold frame and surmounted with a diamond set bail. Designed by Imp Jewellery.

Diamonds: 5=0.03ct actual weight- F/G color Si1 clarity

Measuring 22.0 x 18.0mm

Necklace sold separately. 

The design of the wyvern is thought to have derived from the figure of the dragon encountered by Trajan's legions in Dacia. It may be the origin of the red dragon of Wales and the golden dragon of the kingdom of Wessex carried at the Battle of Burford in AD 752. 

The wyvern was the most popular of the heraldic symbols related to dragonkind. The wyvern represents strength, protection, valor, vengeance,[triumph over a demonic enemy, power, war, or pestilence depending on depiction, and was also noted to have exceptional eyesight. It is displayed frequently as a charge, and occasionally as a crest or supporter. They are usually depicted as resting on their feet and tail, the latter of which is curved. Some wyverns have also been depicted wingless and with their tails nowed.