Remodelling Jewellery Melbourne

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Remodelling Jewellery Melbourne

Who remodels Jewellery in Melbourne?

Jewellery is a perfect medium for upcycling and remodelling. Diamonds and stones don't loose there lustre. Gold, Platinum and silver can be melted down and reused.  Have a look in your jewellery box and see what you my have that laying unloved. Broken chains, worn rings, old fashioned and dated jewellery can be given a new lease of life by having them remodelled into something wearable and beautiful again.

Imp have been remodelling jewellery since 1974. Bring in your old pieces and see what our talented designers can create using your existing pieces. In many cases you already have the most expensive part of the remodelling process the diamonds or precious gems.

With our workrooms on premises all jobs are carefully monitored and all stones are set in house.

We can also trade in any unwanted gold and gems to aid toward the cost or remaking your new piece.

Click on the link to see what can be achieved.