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Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Thinking about asking your partner's hand in marriage this year? 

Although the classic round brilliant cut solitaire diamond ring generally comes to mind when you think of an engagement ring, there are so many styles to choose from, and we suggest trying on a number of designs, so you find the one that suits you. 

This year, following from 2022 we are seeing a few clear leaders in engagement ring trends

1. Oval diamonds- an elegant elongated shape, that complements the length of a finger. They look larger than other fancy cut equivalent weight diamonds. Blake Lively and Hailey Beiber, both have  oval diamond engagement rings.

2. Colored Gemstones- one of the biggest trends have been high quality colored gemstones as an engagement ring. High quality natural gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald are becoming more difficult to obtain and larger quality stones have been in high demand, if you can get one!! With colored gemstones, each stone is individual, always look for a bright lively stone, with an even color distribution. The depth of color is very much a personal choice. White diamond shoulder diamonds or diamond halo settings are a beautiful accompaniment to highlight the color of the central stone.  HRH The princess of Wales and Megan Fox wear beautiful colored gemstone engagement rings.

3.  Multi Diamonds- Why have one diamond when you can have a number of beautiful sparkling diamonds on your finger. Although the three diamond ring has never been out of fashion, we have seen a renewed interest in the design. Three or more diamonds (usually an odd number as they look aesthetically more pleasing to the eye) give you a bigger look for your budget, and sit beautifully across the finger. Jennifer Lopez and Miranda Kerr are devotees of this style.

4. Men's Rings- The boys are not left out. The last few year men have embarrassing more unique wedding bands, leaving the simple designs for edgier more industrial look designs. More individual pieces, some with diamonds or colored gems.  Why should the girls have all the fun!

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