Diamond Line/Tennis Bracelets

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Diamond Line/Tennis Bracelets

Line bracelets are a staple of a ladies jewellery wardrobe.  These sinuous lines of diamonds or colour stones drape beautifully around the wrist and work well by themselves or with a wrist watch or in combinations of other bracelets. Perfect with jeans or an evening gown.

Although the design has been around for decades it was an incident at a US Open match in 1987 when Chris Evert Lloyd's line bracelet fell to the court surface during a match. She asked official for play to stop so she could find her 'Tennis' bracelet. Since the they have been affectionately called tennis bracelets.

Imp carry a range of line bracelets in a number of different diamonds sizes and also with a combination of colour stones like ruby and sapphires with diamonds. One thing Imp are particular about is the quality of the bracelet. We use high quality Italian bracelets and hand set the diamonds/stones we have personally selected. Our bracelets are designed with heavy and strong links to stand up to the rigours of daily wear.  We see so may cheap cast bracelets people have purchased thinking they have a bargain, however they are frail, and poorly made;  liable to snap at any time! This is a design of jewellery where paying that little extra for quality is really worth while.

Come into Imp to see our selection, or we can make up a size to suit you.