Design Files - Pavé Diamond Setting

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Design Files - Pavé Diamond Setting

Like a million twinkling stars, pave diamond setting makes jewellery stand out.

Pavé from the French word for paved or cobblestone, uses a technique where small diamonds are set very close together covering a surface, just like paving. The diamonds are held in place by small beads or 'grains'  created from the metal around which the stone sits. The effect is dazzling and works in two ways- one to give the jeweller the ability to create very fluid and interesting designs as well as being able to create a piece of jewellery with huge impact, using small stones and therefore keeping costs down.

All of our Pavé diamond jewellery is set in house. This allows us to select the best and brightest diamonds and importantly set them close together allowing greater brilliance, even after years of wear. Many cheaper pieces of Pavé jewellery looks good when new,  unfortunately once worn and the metal dulls down people notice that the diamonds are sparsely  set and the initial impact is lost. 

Imp jewellery's Pavé  collection features rings, pendants, earrings and bangles.