Antique Coral Pendant Flanked by Diamond-Set Rondels

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We have respectfully redesigned this beautiful antique coral bead into a pendant flanked by handmade 18kt gold, diamond-set rondels. This once Victorian brooch is ready for new appreciation as modern day pendant.

Coral in Greek mythology was thought to have great amuletic powers as protection against magic spells and the ‘evil eye’. Today we know coral reefs are the living rainforests of the sea, and for the past 30 years Mediterranean Red Coral has been protected to ensure the conservation of the species.

Chain + Pendant = 46cm Length
Faceted Coral Bead = 13.83cts
34 Round Brilliant Diamonds = 0.34cts G/H Si1

Condition: Visible line across bead is believed to be an organic formation from the coral polyp. Evidence of surface wear is conducive of age.