Garnet; Birthstone of January January 06 2016, 0 Comments

Most people when they think of garnet envision a rich red stone but few people realise that garnet comes in many colours.
Within the garnet family there are names for the various colours.

Just to list a few of our favourites: Spessartite comes in various shades of orange to red-brown. The most sought after shade being the same as the fizzy drink Fanta! Rhodolite garnets are a beautiful grape/purpleish colour but if you are after green then Tsavorite or Demantoid garnets are for you. Even more exciting in the garnet family is when the stone has the ability to change colour depending on its light source (Incandescent/Fluorescent) this is relatively rare in the garnet family but much more budget friendly than an Alexandrite if you are chasing a unique stone!

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