History of the Cufflink Circa 1600 to Today

History of the Cufflink Circa 1600 to Today

Cufflinks have been know since the 17th century, although it wasn't until the mid 19th century with the changes in men's fashion that they became popular with the men of the middle and upper classes. Mainly due to necessity as the shirts of the day were heavily starched and a simple button would not hold the stiffened fabric together. 

Although at this time cufflinks were generally simple gold or silver designs, the Prince of Wales ( Edward VII) sported colourful Faberge cufflinks which sparked a trend for cufflinks in any conceivable combination of metal, enamel, precious stones and paste.  This trend lasted well into the 1930's, although with men having a sportier lifestyle and changes in shirt design and fabrics , buttons were also gaining popularity.

The 1950's again saw men wanting to add something to their attire to make them stand out- cufflinks, tie bars, cigarette cases and lighters all became must have items for the fashionable 50's gents. By the 1970's and again with changes in fashions cufflinks lost popularity. They resurfaced in the 1980's and have continued to be a very popular accessory for the modern man. Like the early 20th century cufflinks are available in an amazing array of materials and designs.

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